Harebell, Jasmine and Lupin go to the Vet

Lupin has gone downhill the last couple of days and Harebell and Jasmine were due a check-up after their visit to the vet a few weeks ago, so all 3 hens put their seatbelts on and we drove to the vets.

Unfortunately Lupin’s condition wasn’t good. Despite medication for the last 2 weeks there were toxins in her body from tumours and she was very poorly and we did the only kind thing we could do for her and ended her suffering. It’s always difficult making decisions like this, but we need to take the advice of the vet and in this case there was no doubt as to the course of action that was in the best interest of Lupin.

There was much better news for Jasmine and Harebell though. Jasmine proved to be the ideal patient and in addition to providing a fresh sample on the table, spent her examination showing off and generally being lovely. Her ‘lumps and bumps’ have not changed much in the month since they were discovered and her steroid intake can be reduced now.

Harebell is also doing well and despite her frequent bathroom visits she is in good health and doesn’t require any medication.

As a bonus, we met an online friend, Quolanta Arnold, and her hen Roastie at the surgery. It was lovely to meet her in person, and the girls were very appreciative of the grapes she gave them!

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