Harebell’s Transformation

Harebell has been with us for 2 months now and the transformation that she’s made in that time is amazing. Not only has she grown a beautiful set of feathers, but mentally, she has gone from a petrified hen that insisted on sleeping on her own in a cardboard box to one that is near the front of the queue to greet me when I enter their run, and bounds out of the coop each day to enjoy her new life.

Harebell was one of 11 hens that were re-homed on the 20th August 2017, a group we named The Petunias as 3 of these hens came with a prolapse, as Petunia did earlier in the year. Harebell was severely lacking in the feather department and whether it was because of this or for other reasons, she hated being around the other hens. We created a separate area for her to sleep in whilst the group got used to their new surroundings and chose a quiet hen, Clematis, as a friend for her. However, even Clematis, with a limp at the time, was too much for Harebell, and she’d leap over the partition and find a cardboard box to sleep in, away from the other hens!

Over time though, Harebell became more settled. Her feathers started to grow back, and when it came to move these hens outside, we chose other placid hens to live with her in a smaller coop. For the last week or so though, a new Harebell has emerged from the coop each day! She’s enjoying her surroundings, racing for the treats and part of the flock and standing her ground with the other hens.

These transformations are great to see, and part of the reason we re-home these hens, to give them the environment to live in and the chance to flourish in that environment.

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