Hazel and Marigold go to the Vet

Marigold has been unwell for about 2 weeks and Hazel’s health has taken a dip the last day so time to go back to the vet to get them checked over again.

Marigold has been very quiet recently and despite being on antibiotics, anti-inflamtories and steroids, she wasn’t improving. After an examination, the vet found several ‘lumps and bumps’ and increased her steroid prescription and changed to a different antibiotic to see if that would improve things. This was better than I expected as I had feared the worst and it means that she has a week on different medication to try and improve her condition.

Hazel will also be on antibiotics and steriods too as she has ‘lumps and bumps’ in her abdomen also, though not as bad as Marigold.

Fingers crossed we’ll start to see an improvement in these girls in the next few days.

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