Hazel’s 2 Year Henniversary

A significant milestone for Hazel yesterday as she celebrated 2 years with us and a great achievement for her to reach this, particularly as only Holly had previously lasted this long. The girls celebrated with feast of cake, cabbage, lettuce, berries, and as many slugs as we could find!

Hazel was one of the ‘September 7’ that we re-homed in September 2015, and at the time was the largest group we’d had and caused us a few ‘what have we done?’ thoughts, that we soon dispelled as we watched the group settle in and thrive. The other girls are sadly no longer with us, but we have good memories of our autumnal named hens: Brambles, Damson, Ginger (Rodgers), Nutmeg (BHWT hen of the month March 2016!), (Miss) Olive and Pumpkin. Hazel though stood out from the start and those first few weeks would always stay at the top of the ramp to the coop and peck the hens as they went to bed at night, probably putting them in their place rather than a goodnight kiss!

As is usual for these occasions we made a cake for the girls with a wheat and egg mixture that was iced with scrambled egg and tomatoes with grapes forming a ‘2’ in the centre. Hazel approved and started the gorging off before the other hens eagerly tucked in. In the mad few minutes that followed we tried to make sure that all of the hens got a little bit, before giving them a few cabbages and other veg and berries from the kitchen garden to munch on.

Hazel seemed to enjoy her day, pottering around and enjoying the attention before settling to roost for the night between Pip and Ruby, two hens that will soon be having their own celebration.

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