Each day that these hens are with us is special and we mark each 6 month ‘henniversary’ with a cake!

We use a wheat and egg mixture for the base, then add some scrambled egg icing and decorate the top with a contrasting number made form fruit or vegetables from the garden if possible. In the summer strawberries are a favourite!


Pip, Ruby & Willow’s 1 Year Henniversary

Another week another henniversary! Today we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Pip, Ruby & Willow’s rehoming. This group, known as ‘The Barn Girls’ (as they came from a commercial barn rather than a caged environment) have had a great year. Willow’s found fame as a BHWT sponsor hen, Ruby had a broody period and

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Hazel’s 2 Year Henniversary

A significant milestone for Hazel yesterday as she celebrated 2 years with us and a great achievement for her to reach this, particularly as only Holly had previously lasted this long. The girls celebrated with feast of cake, cabbage, lettuce, berries, and as many slugs as we could find! Hazel was one of the ‘September

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White’s 3 Year Henniversary

Three years ago today we brought home our first group of hens, and little did we know the effect it would have on our lives. That day in 2014 I didn’t project forward and think what things would be like today, but if I had, I would have naively thought that we’d still have Amber,

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