Hentastic’s New Foraging Cake Recipe

Hentastic recently got in touch and asked if the girls would like to try out their new recipe for their Foraging Cakes; the mix has been updated to include more herbs in the Mint & Parsley Foraging Cakes, and it now has more herbs than before – which sounds like a good thing!

As always, the girls are happy to taste test any food and within seconds of the Foraging Cakes being presented to them it was covered in a carpet of brown feathers with the hens pecking away at the treat! Needless to say they enjoyed the new recipe Foraging Cakes, which smell lovely and more ‘herby’; mint is good for their digestion and parsley has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as being a good source of vitamins K and C.

The girls thoroughly approve of the new recipe and look forward to testing any other new food!

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