Lily’s Chick Stick Chorus

Every hen is unique. They have their own personalities and traits and we’re reminded of this every day. Whether it’s Willow standing stationary watching on whilst every other hen goes mad for strawberries, Rose preferring her own company to that of other hens, or Lily, who has now discovered the world’s greatest treat – a Hentastic Chick Stick – and will start wailing if any other hen comes near her and her beloved snack!

We regularly give the girls Hentastic’s Chick Sticks, mainly using the dedicated holder, but there’s usually a few of the dominant hens around this so we also break up and scatter some sticks onto clean ground so that the rest of the group have a better chance of getting some. Being suet based they’re good for energy as well as containing medicinal herbs such as oregano and mint, so have health benefits too, and Lily, re-homed in July this year becomes very excited when the Chick Sticks are around!

After filling the feeder, we’ll start to break the rest of the sticks up into small pieces, and after a few seconds we can hear Lily as she takes a bit of the treat and wails in delight as she runs around guarding this from the others! She’ll carry as large a piece as she can manage away from any other hen then devour the delicacy before coming back for more.

Whatever it is, there’s something about the Chick Sticks that Lily takes great pleasure from, and it’s lovely to watch this and see her personality shine.

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