Local Fete 2017

Today we were at our local fete, and had a stall – well a wheelbarrow – filled with 26 boxes of eggs, and we sold out!

A few days ago a leaflet was delivered advertising the local fete, with stalls, competitions and a Pimms tent – it sounded good and we decided to go along. However, with the pile of egg boxes getting ever higher and us needing to get the word out about our egg sales, it seemed like a good opportunity to sell some eggs and advertise what we do, so we phoned the organiser and she was more than happy to give us a pitch. We filled our wheelbarrow with straw and added as many egg boxes as we had, 26 including about 18 eggs that had been laid this morning. We also printed out some flyers and added some freshly picked flowers in a vase.

We arrived with plenty of time to spare, got set-up, and waited for the crowds to arrive. It was a great afternoon – the weather was warm and sunny and the local crier announced the events, giving a good atmosphere to the fete. We sold all 26 boxes of eggs, and met lots of lovely people from the local area that should hopefully mean than more people are aware of our egg sales from our gate, and will stop to buy some in the future.

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