Lupin and Petal Recuperation

Lupin and Petal are making good progress.
Lupin is accepting the Inflacam medication reluctantly, and putting a bit of weight on her bad leg, and Petal laid an egg today! She’s still being bathed and having Sudocrem applied to her prolapse and I was a bit wary when she started nesting behaviours by scratching in the woodchip, backing into a corner, and making gurgling noises, but thankfully a perfect egg was laid.
The prolapse didn’t seem to be affected by the laying of the egg, and the egg was actually laid externally, not internally. With Laurel, she was showing egg laying behaviours, but sadly her oviduct was too badly damaged for the egg to be fully formed, and we were very aware of this possibility for Petal, but so far so good.

Lupin and Petal are still inside our house, which isn’t ideal for them, so we let them out when we can; so that Lupin can exercise a little, and the other hens can see them, to help with the future integration. Today they had a stroll outside as part of their recuperation and enjoyed their wander, tentatively putting their feet on the soft green grass. They didn’t venture too far from their cage, and from observing Lupin, her limp seems a lot less than it was a week ago.

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