Mastering the New Perches

The girls are getting used to the new perches that were recently installed in the shed and now the majority of the hens are using them – some still need a bit of help though! It’s been interesting to watch them use these and as I thought the ‘top hens’ do make their way to the upper perches and look down on the other hens below them. I need to make some minor adjustments to the spacing though – I’d used a 30cm horizontal gap between perches and this is proving a bit tight judging by the proximity of the rear of one hen to the hen below her! There’s also the same issue for the top perch as it’s too close to the end wall of the shed, which has now been decorated by their nightly droppings. The ventilation’s working well though and the large windows give the hens something to look out on from the higher perches, and it’s nice to see all those sweet faces looking at me as I approach!

Plenty of space for a few more hens on these roosting bars though!

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