Moving House

The shed’s all set up now – apart from a few finishing touches – and the girls have started to move in! We put down some thick plastic on the floor to help with cleaning, and weighed this down with bricks in each corner to also add a bit more weight to help reduce the chance of the coop blowing over in strong winds. As the plastic could be a hiding place for red mite we put a thick layer of diatomaceous earth around the edges then added a thick layer of bedding.

Before the bedding could be spread out properly though the hens became curious and jumped up to have a look. Violet was the first in, followed by Corncockle then Ruby, who all started to rearrange the flooring to their taste, creating little craters as they scratched around! The hens seemed to approve of the new accommodation and around 15 girls will move in now, followed by the rest of the flock next week.

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