Naming Hens


All of the hens have a name! We want to give each hen an identity as they’re all individual characters with their own personality and we tend to use names of plants or seasonal nature-inspired names for the girls. Our first group of re-homed hens that we got after Christmas were named Angel, Belle and Holly and our recent flock of 7 hens have autumn names – Acorn, Apple, Aster, Chestnut, Clove, Maple and Sienna.

We also give a name to the different groups of hens that we adopt, to recognise and honour a particular hen that we may have lost recently, or has a special place in our hearts.

We started off by using a coloured leg ring on their right leg to identify each hen but soon ran out of colours! We now have a system of two rings – the left leg ring is their flock colour and their right leg ring is their individual colour.


Welcome to The Butternuts

Today we welcome The Butternuts to the flock. Two hens that came from our BHWT re-homing today – Patty Pan with a small prolapse and Bonbon that has a limp. Bboth will be in our ‘hospital’ area for a while as they recover but they both have good demeanour and are enjoying the food on

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Welcome to The Hollys

Today we welcomed the latest group of hens to our flock – The Hollys. We were contacted by an adopter who collected hens from the BHWT re-homing in September and for various reasons, couldn’t keep the hens. We said we’d help and the 4 girls were dropped off today. The previous owners had problems with

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Welcome to The Ivys

Today we welcomed the latest group of hens to our flock – The Ivys. Named in honour of Ivy, who we lost recently, these five little ladies will spend a week or so indoors before moving outside to begin their integration with the flock. There are a few with ascites (an accumulation of fluid in

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Our 100th Adopted Hen

We recently marked the 100th hen that we welcomed through our gates, and 10 of those hens that we’ve had were hybrid ‘point of lay’ or pure breed. Now though, sooner than we thought, we’ve reached our 100th adopted hen, a milestone we’ve very proud of as these are 100 hens saved from slaughter and

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Our 100th Hen

Today we welcomed the 100th hen through our doors! We got our first hens in May 2014; a group of 4 point of lay hybrids, and 4 years later 96 other hens have joined us! Sadly, a lot of those are no longer with us, but today, little Whimsey becomes hen number 100, and it’s

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Welcome to The Fleurs

Today we welcomed ‘The Fleurs’ to our flock, a group of 6 hens that were re-homed by the British Hen Welfare Trust – at our house! These six hens are here for one reason only – Fleur. Fleur was an ex-caged hen whose story we followed a couple of months ago and were so moved

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Welcome to The Marys

The Marys are settling in well and today had further health check, weight taken, a pedicure, a ‘Mary’ name and associated legwear and a wander outside in their new world – they didn’t think much of the temperature though! Introducing Berry, Eileen, Jane, Nightingale, Poppins and Shelley!

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The Marys Arrive

We brought back our latest group of hens today, The Marys, named in honour of Mary who passed away a few weeks ago. These 6 hens are all poorly – 5 have prolapses and 1 has a problem with one eye that is swollen and permanently shut – so they’ll stay in the hospital area

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Welcome to The Roses

The first full day for the Roses with us today and they’re settling in well. We were greeted with 7 eggs this morning, 3 in the nest boxes and the rest scattered around their area – 3 in the new nest boxes is great for their first day! We gave them a full check over

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The Roses Arrive

We brought back our latest group of hens today, The Roses, named in honour of Rose who passed away a few weeks ago. We’d reserved 8 hens but came home with 10 – we took 2 additional hens that were poorly, so will need to think of a couple of more ‘Rose’ names! The girls

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Welcome to The Petunias

At the BHWT re-homing today unfortunately there were 3 hens with prolapses that we took to one side and treated – by cleaning the hen and then Sarah with a medical glove on and Sudocrem on her finger, carefully pushed things back to where they should be. We put these hens in our crate by

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Welcome to The Whites

Today was another BHWT rehoming at Overton but unfortunately due to a family commitment, we couldn’t help, but luckily though there were enough volunteers to help see the girls off to their new homes. We’d said that we could take any poorly or spare hens but didn’t expect to get a call. At 3:30pm the

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The Hazels at 3 Weeks

The Hazels have been with us for 3 weeks now and overall we’re really pleased with how the injured hens are progressing. We’ve set up a large run for them in the barn with a perch, cardboard boxes for amusement, sleeping and laying, and there are plenty of food and water stations for them to

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The Hazels First Full Day

Today was spent properly assessing and settling in the Hazels in their new accommodation, and of course giving them all a name! Honeysuckle (orange leg ring) appears fine and we’ve put her in a temporary run with Marigold (yellow leg ring) and Rose (red leg ring), who also appear to be okay. Jasmine (white leg

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Welcome to The Hazels

There were a few hens at the BHWT re-homing today that were a little poorly and needed a bit of TLC – so they came home with us! When unloading the hens from the crates into the marquee we noticed one had a broken wing, and we volunteered to take that hen back with us.

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Names for The Laurels

All the girls now have names and unique colourful jewellery! We left it until now so that we could try and match personalities to names, and even in the few days we’ve had this group, their individual characteristics are starting to emerge. We had a list of 10 names that we decided on prior to

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The Laurels – Day 1

We arrived home about 6:30pm with our 12 hens in the car, 12 hens that we decided would be named ‘The Laurels’, after Laurel, who we lost last November. Without intending to, we’ve started to give the group of hens we re-home a name, as well as the individual hen herself, and this is something

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