One Coop, 19 Hens

For the last week we’ve been encouraging all of the hens to sleep together in the main coop. The Laurels have the opportunity to go upstairs with the other hens at night, and of the 10 that can do this (Lupin and Petal still sleep in the house!), slowly, more of them have been doing this as the nights progress. The last 2 nights, only Pansy and Poppy were in the downstairs coop, and I’d lift them up to be with the whole group.
Tonight though, I went out to check them at dusk and all of the hens were in the main coop! When I opened the back doors I was greeted with the lovely sight of all the girls settled together; some on the perches, some on the floor beside them, but all the new hens had put themselves in the main coop and have recognised that as a place of safety and comfort.

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