One Coop, 21 Hens

For the last few days Petal and Lupin have been outside, but separate from the other hens in a smaller run. There’s been little spats of activity when beaks will collide on either side of the weldmesh, but nothing too serious, and they have spent some time free ranging together in the evening – supervised! – so tonight it was time to put Petal and Lupin in the coop with the rest of the hens, and start to integrate the groups.
As before, I waited until dusk when the hens were fairly docile, and lifted first Petal, then Lupin, into the coop and put them in a quiet spot. There was a bit of murmuring from the group as I closed the door, but nothing that I was concerned about – an early start tomorrow though, to make sure everything’s okay!

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