Orchid Moves into the Kitchen

We picked Orchid up from the vets today! She came back a transformed hen from the one that was rushed there 2 days ago and she brought a large appetite with her as she settled into the kitchen to recuperate.

A huge thanks to the team at Avian Veterinary Services for the work they did to help Orchid. I spoke to them this morning and her recovery was described as ‘miraculous’ given she was as close to death as she was. We arrived at the vets early afternoon and were greeted by a chirpy Orchid, trying to eat anything she could as she was extremely hungry after her ordeal. We were told though to keep a close eye on her intake and give her golf ball sized amount of food at a time and to ensure that her crop emptied properly before giving her more food.

After removing the litter and newspaper form her coop – as she’d tried to eat that – she settled down for the night and so far so good.

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