Orchid’s Glamping Trip

As part of Orchid’s recuperation we thought she deserved a little break away in the Shropshire hills, and because she would have difficulty putting up a tent, glamping it was!

She packed her little bag full of life’s essentials: layers pellets, water, grapes, and of course some disposable gloves, 2 rolls of kitchen roll, some newspaper and plenty of hand sanitising gel. We set off in good time but had to take a detour to a country store so that she could pick up some special food to take back to her sisters but still arrived at the campsite early afternoon.

Orchid approved of the pod and thought the views to the surrounding countryside and hills were lovely as she spent some time looking at her weekend surroundings while the humans spent their time setting up their blow-up bed and getting the barbecue ready. We then all enjoyed a drink – wine for the humans and water for Orchid, followed by a delicious mushroom and spinach burger and roasted vegetables for us and pellets for Orchid. She’s still got to watch what she easts to make sure she can digest her food, so frequent small quantities were fed to Orchid, which she demolished quickly. The excitement of the day was a bit too much for her and as darkness started to fall she made her excuses and went off to her crate to sleep whilst we finished off the wine and enjoyed the tranquillity of the countryside.

The next morning Orchid was up bright and early, pacing impatiently for her breakfast to be served; she tucked into her pellets and grapes before having a stroll on the grass, exploring again before it was time to leave. A thoroughly enjoyable weekend for all with Orchid’s health and self-control improving as she’s starting to realise that we will give her food every few hours and she doesn’t need to eat newspaper!

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