Oregano Tea for Rose and The Rubys

Rose has been a bit off-colour the last couple of days, and with The Rubys now exposed to the outside and potential diseases from the ground, we made them some oregano tea to help fight of any potential infections.

We want to use as much garden herbal remedies as possible with the hens, mainly as a preventative measure, but in the case of Rose, who looks like she has an infection, to harness the natural antibiotic properties of oregano. The chicks will also benefit from oregano in their diet, as they’re susceptible to Coccidiosis and other parasites they could pick up from the ground.

To make the tea, we put a generous handful of fresh oregano into a bowl and added hot water to infuse the herb. We let the tea cool and served it to the hens, as the only liquid they had access to. They seemed to like it, and we’ll give this to Rose for a week or so, and frequently to the pullets, as well as the other hens, to help with their overall health.

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