Our 100th Adopted Hen

We recently marked the 100th hen that we welcomed through our gates, and 10 of those hens that we’ve had were hybrid ‘point of lay’ or pure breed. Now though, sooner than we thought, we’ve reached our 100th adopted hen, a milestone we’ve very proud of as these are 100 hens saved from slaughter and here to enjoy their retirement.

Our latest group of 10 hens came from a recent re-homing and were given names of Irises, in memory of our hen Iris that passed away recently. We picked 10 names that we liked, and matched those names to the hens, and by coincidence, re-homed hen number 100 is Smudge.

Smudge is a very special hen. She’s extremely anxious and on re-homing day, was petrified of all the other hens around her, so much so that she spent the time screaming when anyone went near her. Her feather bare neck and back make her even more adorable and we put her in a cage by herself, with others around her, so that she could get used to them but also have her own space and food and water.

Slowly, she’s becoming less anxious, but still very nervous. We’ll give Smudge time, kindness, care and the space for her to grown and adapt to her new life and she should soon realise that she’s in a good place and enjoy her new life.

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