Panels & Doors

I’d already made 4 panels that could be used for a variety of purposes and are currently providing housing for Corncockle, Foxglove and Violet as they recover from a respiratory infection. Time though to make some more, and some door panels as an upgrade to the cable tie ‘hinge’!

The design and construction was the same as the original panels, 1800mm tall x 900mm wide using 50mm x 50mm (approximately) pressure treated timber, and then weldmesh stapled to one side. For the door sections I left a 5mm gap on all sides for the door to open and fixed this to the frame with two 300mm galvanised hinges.

Indoors, we now have two areas that are 1.8m x 1.8m that can accommodate a few hens, or by rearranging the panels, a larger area can be created – slightly better than the rickety pallet constructions that have been hastily put up as short term housing in the past!

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