Perches in the Shed

There are a few things to do to finish off the shed and one of those is to install perches for all of the girls, and that was completed today.

I wanted to take advantage of the height of the shed and give the hens a ‘ladder’ to roost on, as well as making the perches removable for cleaning. I decided on horizontal and vertical spacing of 30cm between each bar and to keep things simple all angled cuts were made, and bars set at 45 degrees. Two pieces of 150mm x 22mm timber were cut to 195cm then mini joist hangers were attached at the set distances to give the correct spacing, then attached to each side of the shed. This then gave a distance of 164cm from side to side, so I cut five 50mm x 50mm perches to this size and they fitted into the joist hangers.

The girls seemed to approve and after a bit of trepidation a few of the hens climbed up to the top to have a look around. It will take them a few days to get used to this and there may be a bit of adjustment to the spacing and I’ll maybe add a lower perch, but for now it’s over to them to sort out who gets the top bunk!

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