Pip, Ruby & Willow’s 1 Year Henniversary

Another week another henniversary! Today we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Pip, Ruby & Willow’s rehoming.

This group, known as ‘The Barn Girls’ (as they came from a commercial barn rather than a caged environment) have had a great year. Willow’s found fame as a BHWT sponsor hen, Ruby had a broody period and then went on to raise 3 wonderful chicks and Pip is just lovely, going from a petrified hen a year ago that leapt onto a hanging basket to find sanctuary, to now one of the top hens.

Without tempting fate, these hens haven’t needed to see the vet in the last 12 months – though we were concerned about Pip’s yellow legs, but after reducing her fresh corn intake they seemed to return to a normal colour! We are interested as to effects of a less stressful barn environment compared to a caged environment for these hens, and time will tell, but so far so good for Pip, Ruby & Willow.

As is usual the henniversary girls had the cake first, then the rest of the hens helped demolish it in a few minutes!

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