Product Review | Hentastic Chick Stick Feeder and Chick Sticks

We recently received a Hentastic Chick Stick Feeder and some Chick Sticks from the lovely people at Unipet, and the girls loved them!

Normally the hens are wary of anything new in their environment so I expected to put up the chick stick feeder and for it to be ignored for a few hours, but how wrong I was! I put a couple of poles in the ground and placed a cane on top so that I could hang the feeder from this then went away to fill the feeder. As soon as I came back with the treats the hens were around my feet, their eyes fixed to the orange holder and goodies inside, and I had to make my way slowly to hang the feeder to be careful not to stand any chicken feet!

As soon as I hung the feeder the girls were tucking in. I had filled the feeder with 3 of the Cinnamon & Spice chick sticks and 3 of the Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic chick sticks and within a short while there wasn’t much left, though with smaller flocks the sticks would last longer. The dominant hens were first to peck at the sticks but in doing so smaller pieces broke off and fell to the ground that the other hens would then pick up, meaning that most hens got to sample the treats.

We’re very keen to supplement the hens diet with herbal products and these chick sticks are ideal. The Cinnamon & Spice sticks contain cinnamon, ginger, mixed herbs and turmeric; cinnamon is known to reduce infection and has antibacterial properties and ginger is an anti-inflammatory and will support the hens immune system. The Oregano, Mint, Turmeric & Garlic are equally full of goodness; oregano is a natural antibiotic, mint helps with respiratory health, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and garlic will benefit circulation.

We’re currently integrating a few groups of hens together and not only are the chick sticks a healthy treat for the girls but they also provide a distraction that will give the hens something else to do during this period. We’ll also use the chick sticks for the poorly hens that we have indoors to give them something to do whilst they recuperate; the sticks don’t break down right away, so they will keep the birds occupied for a few hours. As the feeder can be hung at a height of your choosing, this means that we can place it a bit higher to give the hens something to jump up for, again to stimulate hens that are indoors or during the winter months when there’s less natural interest in their environment.

Overall we’re really pleased with the chick sticks and the interest the hens took in them as well as knowing that they’re another healthy treat for them to enjoy, and is something we’ll always have in our supplies.

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