Product Review | Hentastic Foraging Cake Feeder & Foraging Cakes

The girls have been busy recently trying out some new products that Hentastic sent us, and they’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hentastic have a new Foraging Cake feeder out in 2018 and the new design is in keeping with all their chicken feeders in a strong, durable orange plastic that looks like it will stand up to the hungriest of hens, and thanks to the 3 holes in the base, the feeder can be secured to the ground with pegs to provide extra stability.

The feeder is sized so that a Hentastic Foraging Cake will fit neatly in the base and is secured tightly and it’s the right height to keep the food off the ground and for the hens to easily get to the food. I added a Mint & Parsley Foraging Cake to the feeder and as well as the treat smelling lovely, the hens were instantly attracted to it and wasted no time in pecking away! The foraging cake is a 100% vegetable recipe and contains key herbal ingredients that we like to give the girls: mint will help with respiratory and digestive health and parsley has antibacterial properties and contains antioxidants. The foraging cake has the right consistency for the hens – it’s not too soft that it will break away quickly and hard enough that they can peck away at the food for a while to keep them entertained, and any smaller pieces that break off soon get picked up by the other hens.

The hens thoroughly approved of the new feeder! After several minutes of a few dozen beaks pecking away the feeder remained secure and the treat itself was still held in place – albeit a lot smaller than it started out!

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