Product Review | Hentastic Foraging Feast with Oregano, Mint, Turmeric and Garlic

We recently received some Hentastic ‘Foraging Feast’ pellets courtesy of Unipet, and the girls loved them!

We’re always interested in products that contain a high level of good herbal ingredients, as we want to do all we can to prevent our hens getting ill by providing them with natural foods that will help their immune system as well as improving their overall health.
Firstly, when we opened the packet, they smell lovely! The oregano and mint in particular gave the pellets a very fresh and fragrant aroma – we even thought about trying them ourselves! But they were for the girls, and we presented them with a handful of pellets which were quickly eaten, and more handfuls followed. We felt that sometimes crushing up the pellets helped, as some of the hens would only eat them this way, but before we knew it most of the packet was gone and these ‘Foraging Feast’ pellets got a resounding ‘thumbs up’ from the hens.

Looking at the ingredients in the pellets, the composition by amount is: wheat flour, palm oil, wheat starch, peanut flour, oregano, mint, turmeric and garlic and the constituents are: fat 17%, protein 8.9%, fibre 1%, ash 0.9%, Lysine 0.19%, Methionine 0.11%, Calcium 0.12%, Phosphorus 0.09%. The main herbal ingredients of the pellets are: Oregano, Mint, Turmeric and Garlic, and these are good things for the hens to have in their diet.

Oregano is a well known natural antibiotic and there are documented uses of the benefits of Oregano to hens throughout the world. We’ve known through experience that antibiotics are used to treat hens for a lot of conditions, and we want to use oregano in all forms in their diet to benefit their health.

Most gardening guides advise growing mint in a container sunk into the ground as if it’s grown unrestricted will spread very quickly. However, having mint in the hen area is a good thing, so we’re letting it grow as much as it likes! Strong smelling mint is a natural rodent repellent, so having a bounty of this around the coop and run should help to deter rats and mice from getting too close. From these plants we’ll give the girls some mint tea in the hot weather as mint will naturally cool their bodies as well as tasting delicious!
Mint is also good for digestion and given that our hens show the same excitement when a strawberry is given to them as to when they discover a slug or worm, the more that we can do to help their digestion the better!

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory as well as having properties that will help the immune system and again is something that we will look to give the hens when they are ill, but having Turmeric in these treats means that they are ingesting the spice frequently, and this should help with our aim of preventing illness.

Garlic is widely used for poultry to help with their immune system and often a few cloves are added to drinking water. In addition, garlic helps with respiratory health and is believed to be beneficial to prevent mite and other parasites. Whilst these pellets won’t be the only source of garlic the girls will get, it’s good to know that they’re getting some goodness through different food and drink types.

Overall, the hens loved the pellets, and you can see for yourself in the video how quickly they were devoured! Moreover though, we’re pleased that we can feed the hens a treat that contains another form of key herbal ingredients that we want them to have that will hopefully help with their overall health and wellbeing.

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