Product Review | Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat Feeder and Foraging Cakes

After reviewing Hentastic’s Jumbo Chicken Treat Feeder and Jumbo Chicken Treats we spoke to Unipet about a hanging feeder for their Hentastic Foraging Cakes, to keep the food off the ground. It seems so obvious now, but two of the foraging cakes are about the same size as a jumbo chicken treat and Unipet kindly sent us a packet for the girls to try!

The foraging cakes fitted neatly into the feeder and whilst I could have closed it shut, I chose to trim a little off each of the foraging cakes, just in case it put too much strain on the plastic clips of the feeder. The cakes themselves were two varieties; garlic, ginger and mixed herbs, and mint and parsley, giving the hens a wider range of natural herbal ingredients compared to a single large treat.

As always, the hens approved and wasted no time in polishing off the food!

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