Product Review | Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat Feeder and Jumbo Chicken Treats

We were asked to review a new Hentastic hanging feeder for their Jumbo Chicken Treats and the girls duly obliged, giving it a unanimous thumbs up!

As usual when I walk into their run carrying a Hentastic orange feeder with something delicious inside, the girls now seem to know to gather around my feet and look upwards at the delight that I’m holding, meaning that I have to take very slow measured steps to ensure that my feet don’t step on one of the 40 pairs of chicken feet around me!

I put the feeder up and the hens wasted no time in pecking at the treat, the dominant girls at the front of the queue but kindly dropping some small pieces to the ground for the others to pick up. The feeder’s great! The treat is completely enclosed and covered from the top meaning that it’s less prone to getting wet in a rain shower or visible to wild birds to investigate. The strong plastic cage that clips together securely holds the food in place and can easily withstand the attention that the hens give it and as it’s open on all sides, means that several hens can get access at once. In addition, because this is a hanging feeder, the food is off the ground so there’s less risk of contamination from droppings or soil. As the hens were pecking the treat the feeder would move from side to side – some of the hens would try and get some food as the feeder was moving and some would wait until it moved back to where they were standing and it was good to watch their interaction with the feeder – a great boredom buster for the hens and another excuse for us to watch these little characters!

The oregano, mint, turmeric & garlic Jumbo Chicken Treat that we put inside the feeder is the same delicious recipe as Hentastic’s Chick Sticks, containing key herbal ingredients that we want the girls to consume; oregano is a natural antibiotic, mint helps with respiratory health, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and garlic will benefit circulation.

Overall, we and the hens loved the Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat Feeder and Jumbo Chicken Treats. The large size of the feeder and treat mean that it will keep a small group of hens occupied for a while but is also big enough that it will be good for a larger group too. The treat itself is the right consistency for the hens to easily peck pieces off and is full of quality natural ingredients that will benefit their health.

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