Product Review | Singing Friend Feeder

The lovely people at Unipet recently sent us their ‘Singing Friend’ feeder to try. This is intended to be used with a range of inserts to hold suet treats for wild birds but can also be used for chickens.

The feeder feels like a high quality product, made of strong plastic and is easily attached to a vertical surface by hanging the feeder from the mounting hole at the back over a small screw. We filled the feeder with some Hentastic ‘Oregano, Mint, Turmeric and Garlic Foraging Pellets’ (which smell delicious!) and stepped back to let the girls investigate. As will all new things it takes them a few minutes to build up the courage to investigate, then curiosity takes over, particularly when food is involved! Slowly the hens ventured to the feeder and started to peck at the pellets. It was a bit of a squeeze, but most of the girls managed to get to the front of the queue to peck at the treats and the pellets didn’t last long and the feeder was soon emptied. As we don’t want to give the hens too may treats we refilled the feeder with some mixed poultry grit – something that will last a bit longer than the delicious pellets will!

Overall we’re very impressed with the feeder and would recommend it. It’s got a wide top that will protect the contents from rain and there’s enough space to hold some treats, but not too many, for the hens to devour. Hens should not be overfed treats so the size of the container is good, as there’s a limited amount that can be placed in the feeder before they will spill out, and the fact the treats are off the ground is good too as there’s less chance of contamination. The feeder is also good as a grit pot; again the contents are protected from rain and the container holds a good amount of grit that won’t need replaced as often as the treats, and we’ll use it for this initially until the hens empty the feeder, then surprise them with some new contents!

You can see what our hens thought of the feeder:

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