Product Review | SingingFriend multiFeedR

Unipet sell their SingingFriend multiFeedR wild bird feeder for use with their suet feed and we were asked to try the feeder with our hens to see how chickens would get on with it. The girls will do anything for Hentastic Chick Sticks or a Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat so I added these to the feeder and let them munch away!

The multiFeedR is made of good quality plastic and attaches to a vertical surface with the supplied strap or it can fit over a screw and comes with 2 interchangeable inserts for different food types and the hens tried both. First was the insert with the larger gaps that we filled with broken up Cinnamon & Spice Chick Sticks, which we packed into the feeder. The Hentastic Cinnamon & Spice Chick Sticks are a healthy treat that contains cinnamon, ginger, mixed herbs and turmeric; cinnamon is known to reduce infection and has antibacterial properties and ginger is an anti-inflammatory and will support the hens immune system, so is a good treat for the girls to have and they wasted no time in pecking at the food. As they pecked at the treat bits would break off and fall into the container bottom or onto the ground, giving other hens the chance to get some!

We then changed to the insert with the smaller holes and found that a Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat fitted perfectly inside. The treat contained oregano, mint, turmeric & garlic are these are equally full of goodness; oregano is a natural antibiotic, mint helps with respiratory health, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and garlic will benefit circulation. The hens responded equally quickly with this treat also and made short work of pecking away at it!

Overall, another high quality product from Unipet. The feeder is covered meaning that we can leave it out knowing that rain won’t get it and spoil the food and the inserts hold the chicken treats in place whilst the hens happily peck away.

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