Rose Goes on a Picnic

Rose is very ill and currently battling inflamed tissue in her abdomen. She’s been slowly declining this week despite being on antibiotics and steroids to try and reduce the inflammation, so as a little treat for her we took her on a picnic today!

Rose has never been on a picnic before so was very excited! A range of different foods were packed in a wicker picnic basket for her and us, and as it was a nice day we decided to walk from the kitchen to the garden. We picked a spot on the grass under a tree beside some colourful dahlias and spread the rug out. Rose examined her platter of treats we’d prepared: layers pellets, layers mash rolled into balls, sweetcorn, tomatoes, a suet treat, her bottle of steroids and water. Her appetite is almost nothing and we’ve had to syringe in fluids and feed her little balls of food to try and keep her nutrition levels up, so we weren’t hopeful that she’d eat anything. But she did! With an ill hen that doesn’t eat we try them with a range of food to find something that they will take, and for some reason, today, Rose to a fancy to the piece of Hentastic Jumbo Chicken Treat that we’d put on her plate.

She can only take small pieces of food as she knows that her body can’t process anything larger and the consistency of the suet treat was such that she could break bits off and eat them, and it was great to see this! She didn’t have a huge amount but given she hasn’t really been eating the last couple of days, this was a small step in the right direction. Thankfully though she wasn’t interested in the humous we were eating, but did manage a peck at my glass as she wandered by, then had some layers mash balls fed to her. By this stage she was getting a bit tired so retreated back to the kitchen for an afternoon nap before surprising us again by voluntarily drinking by herself.

These hens live for the day, and our aim is to give each hen as good a day as we can; today was a good day for Rose.

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