Ruby and the Rubys at 14 Days

We’ve had the chicks for 2 full weeks now, and they’re starting to grow up!
They’re getting larger – still roughly the size of a robin – but getting a little bigger each day. I’ve noticed there are longer periods where they’re away from Ruby, as they’ll need her heat less as time goes on, and running around themselves or as a little group of 3.

They’re starting to exhibit behaviours such as scratching the woodchip and preening – especially when Ruby preens, they will copy her. We let Ruby out of the run from time to time – to flap her wings and stretch her legs a bit more than the broody run allows. We’ve left out some grain and water in coop cups and she’ll get very excited when she finds this as she’ll signal to the chicks that there’s some good food around! She’ll not eat the grain herself, rather pick it out with her beak and drop it to the floor for the chicks – she does the same with water, though doesn’t seem to realise that the drops she leaves on the floor would be no use to the chicks! The chicks though are still in the run and have to watch, beaks pressed to the mesh, as Ruby delights with the goodies she’s found. We’re looking forward to the time in a few weeks when they can all be outside, and Ruby will enjoy finding morsels in the ground for her babies, and pecking at the sweet grass for them to eat!

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