Ruby and the Rubys at 28 Days

The Rubies continue to grow and it’s hard to believe that they’re only 4 weeks old, they’re so much bigger than they were when they arrived, yet still tuck in under Ruby each night to sleep. I’m finding I’m filling the feeder more often, which is to be expected, and when doing this taking the chance to put some food in my hand to see if the chicks will take it from there, which they’re starting to do.
Even though the run is a good size for the chicks we do open the roof part once in a while and Ruby will jump out and have a bit more exercise – and the chicks are doing this too! Unbelievably, they can jump to the top of the side panels, which are 60cm high, and then jump off those to the other side of the floor! Ruby will then take great delight in showing them around the barn, stopping here and there when there’s bit of food to be eaten!

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