Separation and Hospital Coops

There are now 3 hens from the new group of 12 that need observation and separation from the others, even if this is only temporary. One of the things we’ve learnt is that if a hen is quiet then one of the first things to do after an initial examination is to isolate the bird, so that you can actively monitor food and water intake, and also see what’s coming out of the other end!
Lupin is in an indoor cage with Petal, and there is a divider in that cage to protect Petal’s prolapse. Tulip though was quiet today and we had to put her in a small coop in the barn, to give her some space and peace from the other hens. A few hours later she was back to normal, having laid an egg.

As we increase the number of hens that we have, we need to ensure that we have enough facilities to isolate poorly birds, both indoors as well as having small hospital areas outside, possibly ark runs, so that the hens are still with the group but physically separate, if they need to be.

A few more items for my woodwork list!

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