Shed to Coop | Base

The base of the coop is now complete and is effectively a large trolley that the shed will be attached to. We wanted the coop to be moveable and finally settled on 260mm pneumatic tyre castors to achieve this – two fixed and two swivel. These were bolted to two 150mm x 50mm stretcher boards that ran the length of the base and between these stretchers and the shed floor were five 70mm x 50mm bearers.

This configuration serves 3 purposes: (1) The lattice structure of bearers and stretchers should give enough airflow to keep moisture from the floor of the shed (2) The wheels mean that the coop can be moved to fresh ground when needed and (3) the height of the wheels and base is enough to give the hens shelter in bad, or really good, weather.

Next step is to attach the shed to the base!

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