Shed to Coop | Ventilation

The shed conversion to a coop has started! Having considered this for a while, the modifications won’t be as much as I initially thought, but one thing that does need to change is the ventilation that the coop will have, so I’ve removed a section of each side panel to allow good airflow.

There’s no exact guide as to how much ventilation a coop should have, but given there will be a lot of hens in the coop that will generate a lot of smells I opted for a large opening at the top of each side for passive ventilation. I cut out a length of 1.8m of the 2.4m sides and removed 3 of the shiplap boards. Doing this though meant that the structure around the top boards was weakened, and as I needed to staple weldmesh to the outside that would require something strong to staple into, I needed to strengthen the edges of this gap.

This was done by attaching battens that were the same width as the shed wall framing timber and glueing these to each exposed edge, including the front side as that needed to be flush with the exterior cladding. Both sides were done in the same way, and ready for painting and covering the gap with weldmesh.

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