Starting to Build the Universal Panels

I’ve been thinking about mesh panels for a while and after procrastinating about sizes and dimensions for too long, today was time to start building some much needed panels!

These panels will have many uses, but we need them right now to section off an area of the barn to keep the new hens quarantined for a little bit longer and also to give a bit more space to the poorly hens as they recuperate. Going forward I want a stock of these panels so that we can quickly put up a run for the hens and use the panels horizontally or vertically, though in the main they’ll be used vertically.

Today I made 4 panels after settling on the design. The panels are 900mm wide by 1800mm tall, which is enough height for a walk-in run, and are made using 45mm x 45mm pressure treated timber. The frames are comprised of 2 x 1800mm sections and 3 x 810mm pieces to fit to the top, bottom and centre of the panel, which are screwed together with 75mm exterior decking screws. I did think about increasing the size of the bottom section to 150mm to act as a shelter and to stop litter getting kicked out of the run, but chose to keep the design consistent with an identical top and bottom, and when the panels are used for a run, I’ll make up a 45mm x 150mm base plate for the run, which will have the same effect.

After the sections were screwed together, strong weldmesh was stapled to the underside of the frame with 30mm galvanised staples to create a secure structure. That’s the panels started, a lot more to do including door panels, for now they’ll be used to give The Petunias a larger indoor area until they’re moved outside in a week or so.

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