The Marys 6 Month Henniversary


A milestone for The Marys today as they celebrated 6 months with us! This is the group of 6 hens we re-homed in January 2018, named after Mary, and after a cold and long winter they’re now enjoying a warm summer. Arriving with feathers missing all hens are now fully feathered and enjoying their life. […]

BHWT Sponsor Hen 2018 Shortlist


Following on from Willow’s work as a sponsor hen for the British Hen Welfare Trust we’ve been asked to nominate another one of our ladies for their 2018 ‘Sponsor a Hen’ scheme, designed for people that cannot re-home hens themselves but still want to adopt a hen, raising income for the charity. The problem though […]

A Taste of Things to Come


The girls haven’t been too impressed with the wet, cold, windy and wintry weather recently, but yesterday brought some sunshine and a little bit of warmth that meant lots of dust and sun bathing. This was particularly enjoyable for The Marys, re-homed in early January, who had only known winter and Berry (pictured) was first […]

An Eye Opening Week


We had 5 hens at the vet 3 weeks ago and I’m pleased to say that they’re all doing really well! Berry had an infection that was treated with medication and despite her having a day or so of feeling really bad after her vet visit she seemed to quickly respond the antibiotics and shortly […]

Chick Steps


If this was about people the title would be ‘Baby Steps’ but as it’s about hens, ‘Chick Steps’ are more appropriate! A good day today! I went to the kitchen first thing in the morning to discover Marigold had laid her egg, meaning that she could have her implant that would stop her laying and […]

Berry, Corncockle, Marigold, Poppins and Thrift go to the Vet


A few concerns about some of the hens meant a trip to the vet today – Berry and Poppins from Sunday’s rehoming aren’t progressing well, Marigold’s prolapse isn’t looking good, and whilst I’m there I’ll take Corncockle and Thrift along to get their respiratory condition looked at. Berry was seen first as she was the […]