Ruby and the Rubies Move Home


Ruby and her chicks have been exploring the barn the last couple of days, mainly to give Ruby a bit of exercise as she’s done a lot of sitting down, and also to allow her to ‘visit he bathroom’ – which is a daily trip to deposit a vile and huge dropping that is gag-inducing […]

The Broody Coop Takes Shape


After the initial coop framing, today was spent adding the back, sides and floor to the coop. The back is a complete door, secured with two strong galvanised hinges and a galvanised bolt. The door was made oversized, then cut down to the exact size with a table saw, and covers the entire back of […]

The Broody Coop Build Starts


Ruby and the chicks need a proper home! They’ll be fine in the cage for a few days, but with the cardboard box and drinker and feeder inside the cage there’s not much room for anything else – if it was only the chicks then this space would be okay, but add Ruby to the […]