Lilac’s Broody Time


Little Lilac’s been broody for the last few weeks, but after a spell in the barn without a nest, she’s back with the main group and thankfully not showing any interest in sitting on eggs. It’s unusual for an ex-commercial hen to go broody but we’ve had 2 this year and whilst Ruby went on […]

Ruby’s Chicks Arrive


The ‘simple’ idea of buying female chicks for Ruby isn’t quite as simple as we first thought! After speaking to a few people and reading internet forums, placing chicks under a broody hen is a common thing to do, but the chicks need to be a day old, the broody hen cannot see the chicks […]

A New Plan for Ruby


We had a long walk today, and a long think. Seeing the huge cockerels last night and thinking about the potential of 2 of these being hatched from the 4 eggs we bought was a sobering thought. One of the reasons we re-home ex-commercial hens is to give these girls as peaceful and stressless an […]

Egg Shopping


No, we haven’t been to the supermarket for eggs to eat, we’ve bought some fertile eggs for Ruby! After deliberating the pros and cons of letting chicks hatch, we decided that even if Ruby sat on fertile eggs for 21 days and chicks hatched, as we do with most things that come our way, we’d […]

Broody Ruby


Ruby, one of the ‘Barn Girls’ is broody! The last few days she’s been sitting on the eggs in one of the nest boxes all day and exhibiting the other broody behaviours, such as picking the feathers from her underside so that the maximum heat can be given to the eggs. We’ve never had a […]