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Fly High Corncockle

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Today we lost Corncockle. She was one of the 11 hens that became 'The Petunias' that were re-homed in August 2017 and had just over 250 days with us. She had a small prolapse when she arrived, but that healed and she soon got on with her new life. She…

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An Eye Opening Week

  • Post category:Health

We had 5 hens at the vet 3 weeks ago and I'm pleased to say that they're all doing really well! Berry had an infection that was treated with medication and despite her having a day or so of feeling really bad after her vet visit she seemed to quickly…

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Berry, Corncockle, Marigold, Poppins and Thrift go to the Vet

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A few concerns about some of the hens meant a trip to the vet today - Berry and Poppins from Sunday's rehoming aren't progressing well, Marigold's prolapse isn't looking good, and whilst I'm there I'll take Corncockle and Thrift along to get their respiratory condition looked at. Berry was seen…

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The Nest Bag

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We've been on the lookout for some plastic boxes that could be used as nest boxes for the shed conversion, but today Corncockle ignored the nest box in the coop and found a nest bag instead! We had an open bag of Dengie Fresh Bed for Chickens beside the coop…

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Welcome to The Petunias

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At the BHWT re-homing today unfortunately there were 3 hens with prolapses that we took to one side and treated - by cleaning the hen and then Sarah with a medical glove on and Sudocrem on her finger, carefully pushed things back to where they should be. We put these…

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