Fly High Harebell


Today we lost Harebell. She was one of the 11 hens that became ‘The Petunias’ that were re-homed in August 2017 and had over 270 days with us. Harebell arrived as one of the most feather-bare and nervous hens we’ve re-homed. She didn’t like being around the others at all, and after settling them all […]

Harebell, Jasmine and Lupin go to the Vet


Lupin has gone downhill the last couple of days and Harebell and Jasmine were due a check-up after their visit to the vet a few weeks ago, so all 3 hens put their seatbelts on and we drove to the vets. Unfortunately Lupin’s condition wasn’t good. Despite medication for the last 2 weeks there were […]

Blossom, Harebell, Jasmine and Orchid go to the Vet


A quadruple vet appointment today as some of the girls have been under the weather for a few days and we wanted to get them checked out. For Blossom, Harebell and Orchid, they have crops with fibrous material in them that has reduced, but not gone completely. Their demeanour is good though and they’re eating […]

The Petunias 6 Month Henniversary


Having re-homed several groups of hens last summer we’re now enjoying henniversary parties every few weeks! This time it’s The Petunias turn to celebrate as they mark 6 months with us. These were a group of 11 hens re-homed in August 2017, and sadly whilst Clover is no longer with us the rest of the […]

Harebell’s Transformation


Harebell has been with us for 2 months now and the transformation that she’s made in that time is amazing. Not only has she grown a beautiful set of feathers, but mentally, she has gone from a petrified hen that insisted on sleeping on her own in a cardboard box to one that is near […]

Welcome to The Petunias


At the BHWT re-homing today unfortunately there were 3 hens with prolapses that we took to one side and treated – by cleaning the hen and then Sarah with a medical glove on and Sudocrem on her finger, carefully pushed things back to where they should be. We put these hens in our crate by […]