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Fly High Harebell

  • Post category:In Memory

Today we lost Harebell. She was one of the 11 hens that became 'The Petunias' that were re-homed in August 2017 and had over 270 days with us. Harebell arrived as one of the most feather-bare and nervous hens we've re-homed. She didn’t like being around the others at all,…

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Harebell’s Transformation

  • Post category:Behaviour

Harebell has been with us for 2 months now and the transformation that she's made in that time is amazing. Not only has she grown a beautiful set of feathers, but mentally, she has gone from a petrified hen that insisted on sleeping on her own in a cardboard box…

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Welcome to The Petunias

  • Post category:Adopting

At the BHWT re-homing today unfortunately there were 3 hens with prolapses that we took to one side and treated - by cleaning the hen and then Sarah with a medical glove on and Sudocrem on her finger, carefully pushed things back to where they should be. We put these…

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