Fly High Hazel


Today we lost Hazel. She was one of the group of 7 hens that we named ‘The September 7’ that were re-homed in September 2015 and she had over 2.5 years with us. Hazel was the top hen from that group, and maintained her position as more hens arrived over the years; at the beginning […]

Hazel and Marigold go to the Vet


Marigold has been unwell for about 2 weeks and Hazel’s health has taken a dip the last day so time to go back to the vet to get them checked over again. Marigold has been very quiet recently and despite being on antibiotics, anti-inflamtories and steroids, she wasn’t improving. After an examination, the vet found […]

Hazel’s 30th


A celebration today as Hazel reached 30 months with us! We mark every 6 months and it’s great that Hazel’s enjoyed 2 and a half years here. The last member of the ‘September 7’ group she’s outlived the rest of those hens by some margin and she’s still one of the top hens overall, maintaining […]

Hazel’s 2 Year Henniversary


A significant milestone for Hazel yesterday as she celebrated 2 years with us and a great achievement for her to reach this, particularly as only Holly had previously lasted this long. The girls celebrated with feast of cake, cabbage, lettuce, berries, and as many slugs as we could find! Hazel was one of the ‘September […]