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Fly High Larkspur

  • Post category:In Memory

Today we lost Larkspur. She was one of the 3 hens that became 'The Whites' that were re-homed in July 2017 and had over 320 days with us. Larkspur had a bad leg when she arrived but soon got over that and spent the first few weeks indoors getting well…

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A Few Sneezes

  • Post category:Health

There have been a few sneezes from the flock recently and with Larkspur seeming the worst we took her to the vet this week to get checked out. She took along Marigold and Thrift too as they'd been off-colour also and could provide the vet with extra sound effects if…

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Welcome to The Whites

  • Post category:Adopting

Today was another BHWT rehoming at Overton but unfortunately due to a family commitment, we couldn't help, but luckily though there were enough volunteers to help see the girls off to their new homes. We'd said that we could take any poorly or spare hens but didn't expect to get…

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