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Fly High Lavender

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Today we lost Lavender. She was one of the 7 hens that became 'The Hazels' that were re-homed in July 2017 and had just over 8 months with us. Lavender had a bad limp when she arrived but she overcame that and blossomed into a lovely hen that soon became…

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The Hazels at 3 Weeks

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The Hazels have been with us for 3 weeks now and overall we're really pleased with how the injured hens are progressing. We've set up a large run for them in the barn with a perch, cardboard boxes for amusement, sleeping and laying, and there are plenty of food and…

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The Hazels First Full Day

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Today was spent properly assessing and settling in the Hazels in their new accommodation, and of course giving them all a name! Honeysuckle (orange leg ring) appears fine and we've put her in a temporary run with Marigold (yellow leg ring) and Rose (red leg ring), who also appear to…

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Welcome to The Hazels

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There were a few hens at the BHWT re-homing today that were a little poorly and needed a bit of TLC - so they came home with us! When unloading the hens from the crates into the marquee we noticed one had a broken wing, and we volunteered to take…

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