Fly High Lilac


Today we lost Lilac. She was one of the group of 12 hens that we named ‘The Laurels’ that were rehomed in May 2017 and she had over 11 months with us. My lasting memory of Lilac will be of a sweet little hen that, last summer, decided she wanted to go broody, but then […]

The Laurels 6 Month Henniversary


A milestone today as The Laurels reached 6 months with us. These are the group of 12 hens we re-homed in May, named after Laurel, a very special hen who passed away at the end of last year. Whilst we’d like all of the hens we re-home to live a long life, the reality is […]

Lilac’s Broody Time


Little Lilac’s been broody for the last few weeks, but after a spell in the barn without a nest, she’s back with the main group and thankfully not showing any interest in sitting on eggs. It’s unusual for an ex-commercial hen to go broody but we’ve had 2 this year and whilst Ruby went on […]