BHWT Sponsor Hen 2018 Shortlist


Following on from Willow’s work as a sponsor hen for the British Hen Welfare Trust we’ve been asked to nominate another one of our ladies for their 2018 ‘Sponsor a Hen’ scheme, designed for people that cannot re-home hens themselves but still want to adopt a hen, raising income for the charity. The problem though […]

The Hazels 6 Month Henniversary


A milestone recently as The Hazels reached 6 months with us – their official day was the 9th January but they decided to postpone it a little due to Marigold’s prolapse and implant the last 2 days. These are the group of 7 hens we re-homed in July 2017, and sadly whilst Rose is no […]

Lily’s Chick Stick Chorus


Every hen is unique. They have their own personalities and traits and we’re reminded of this every day. Whether it’s Willow standing stationary watching on whilst every other hen goes mad for strawberries, Rose preferring her own company to that of other hens, or Lily, who has now discovered the world’s greatest treat – a […]

The Human Nest Box


I’ve found a new use for my lap – a nesting area for Lily! The last 2 days, she’s jumped up onto my knee, snuggled down, and laid an egg on my lap! As yesterday was the first morning Lily had woken up outside we thought she was a bit unsettled and thought yesterday’s antics […]

Lily’s Recovery Progress at 1 Month


We’ve had Lily exactly 1 month now, and her transformation from a hen with tissue damage to her wing and leg that couldn’t move, to the hen that can now walk perfectly well and is head of the group, is amazing! Lily arrived on the 9th July 2017, part of The Hazels, a group of […]

The Hazels at 3 Weeks


The Hazels have been with us for 3 weeks now and overall we’re really pleased with how the injured hens are progressing. We’ve set up a large run for them in the barn with a perch, cardboard boxes for amusement, sleeping and laying, and there are plenty of food and water stations for them to […]

The Hazels First Full Day


Today was spent properly assessing and settling in the Hazels in their new accommodation, and of course giving them all a name! Honeysuckle (orange leg ring) appears fine and we’ve put her in a temporary run with Marigold (yellow leg ring) and Rose (red leg ring), who also appear to be okay. Jasmine (white leg […]

Welcome to The Hazels


There were a few hens at the BHWT re-homing today that were a little poorly and needed a bit of TLC – so they came home with us! When unloading the hens from the crates into the marquee we noticed one had a broken wing, and we volunteered to take that hen back with us. […]