Fly High Lupin


Today we said goodbye to Lupin. She was one of the group of 12 hens that we named ‘The Laurels’ that were re-homed in May 2017 and she had over 11 months with us. Lupin had a limp when she first arrived and spent her first few weeks indoors recuperating with Petal. She was a […]

Harebell, Jasmine and Lupin go to the Vet


Lupin has gone downhill the last couple of days and Harebell and Jasmine were due a check-up after their visit to the vet a few weeks ago, so all 3 hens put their seatbelts on and we drove to the vets. Unfortunately Lupin’s condition wasn’t good. Despite medication for the last 2 weeks there were […]

The Laurels 6 Month Henniversary


A milestone today as The Laurels reached 6 months with us. These are the group of 12 hens we re-homed in May, named after Laurel, a very special hen who passed away at the end of last year. Whilst we’d like all of the hens we re-home to live a long life, the reality is […]

The Laurels at 4 Weeks


We’ve had the Laurels for 4 weeks now and they’re settling in very well. Integration has gone smoothly – with a few squabbles, but nothing that we’re concerned about. Petal and Lupin are back with the group, and are separated for most of the day, but we put them in the coop at night, as […]

One Coop, 21 Hens


For the last few days Petal and Lupin have been outside, but separate from the other hens in a smaller run. There’s been little spats of activity when beaks will collide on either side of the weldmesh, but nothing too serious, and they have spent some time free ranging together in the evening – supervised! […]

Lupin and Petal Integration


Lupin and Petal are continuing to make good progress; Lupin’s limp seems to be getting better, and Petal has laid a few eggs and whilst the prolapsed skin is still showing, it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse. I want to make sure Petal’s wound is fully healed before letting her near any of […]

Lupin and Petal Recuperation


Lupin and Petal are making good progress. Lupin is accepting the Inflacam medication reluctantly, and putting a bit of weight on her bad leg, and Petal laid an egg today! She’s still being bathed and having Sudocrem applied to her prolapse and I was a bit wary when she started nesting behaviours by scratching in […]

Separation and Hospital Coops


There are now 3 hens from the new group of 12 that need observation and separation from the others, even if this is only temporary. One of the things we’ve learnt is that if a hen is quiet then one of the first things to do after an initial examination is to isolate the bird, […]