Fly High Marigold


Today we said goodbye to Marigold. She was one of the 7 hens that became ‘The Hazels’ that were rehomed in July 2017 and had 10 months with us. Of those 7 hens there were a few that were poorly with limps so the group was fragmented from the start with only Marigold and Honeysuckle […]

Hazel and Marigold go to the Vet


Marigold has been unwell for about 2 weeks and Hazel’s health has taken a dip the last day so time to go back to the vet to get them checked over again. Marigold has been very quiet recently and despite being on antibiotics, anti-inflamtories and steroids, she wasn’t improving. After an examination, the vet found […]

An Eye Opening Week


We had 5 hens at the vet 3 weeks ago and I’m pleased to say that they’re all doing really well! Berry had an infection that was treated with medication and despite her having a day or so of feeling really bad after her vet visit she seemed to quickly respond the antibiotics and shortly […]

The Hazels 6 Month Henniversary


A milestone recently as The Hazels reached 6 months with us – their official day was the 9th January but they decided to postpone it a little due to Marigold’s prolapse and implant the last 2 days. These are the group of 7 hens we re-homed in July 2017, and sadly whilst Rose is no […]

Chick Steps


If this was about people the title would be ‘Baby Steps’ but as it’s about hens, ‘Chick Steps’ are more appropriate! A good day today! I went to the kitchen first thing in the morning to discover Marigold had laid her egg, meaning that she could have her implant that would stop her laying and […]

Berry, Corncockle, Marigold, Poppins and Thrift go to the Vet


A few concerns about some of the hens meant a trip to the vet today – Berry and Poppins from Sunday’s rehoming aren’t progressing well, Marigold’s prolapse isn’t looking good, and whilst I’m there I’ll take Corncockle and Thrift along to get their respiratory condition looked at. Berry was seen first as she was the […]

A Few Sneezes


There have been a few sneezes from the flock recently and with Larkspur seeming the worst we took her to the vet this week to get checked out. She took along Marigold and Thrift too as they’d been off-colour also and could provide the vet with extra sound effects if he needed them. Larkspur was […]

The Hazels at 3 Weeks


The Hazels have been with us for 3 weeks now and overall we’re really pleased with how the injured hens are progressing. We’ve set up a large run for them in the barn with a perch, cardboard boxes for amusement, sleeping and laying, and there are plenty of food and water stations for them to […]

The Hazels First Full Day


Today was spent properly assessing and settling in the Hazels in their new accommodation, and of course giving them all a name! Honeysuckle (orange leg ring) appears fine and we’ve put her in a temporary run with Marigold (yellow leg ring) and Rose (red leg ring), who also appear to be okay. Jasmine (white leg […]

Welcome to The Hazels


There were a few hens at the BHWT re-homing today that were a little poorly and needed a bit of TLC – so they came home with us! When unloading the hens from the crates into the marquee we noticed one had a broken wing, and we volunteered to take that hen back with us. […]

Flower Seed Sowing


Apparently hens love edible flowers and continuing our theme and objective of Under My Wing of a natural and nutritious lifestyle, I sowed nasturtiums, marigolds and sunflower seeds today.