The Barn Girls 2 Year Henniversary


Happy 2 Year Henniversary to The Barn Girls today as all 3 of this little flock have been with us exactly 2 years now! This group has done a lot in their time with us and we’re thrilled that all 3 have reached this milestone. Willow has been a very successful BHWT sponsor hen, Ruby […]

Pip, Ruby & Willow’s 18 Month Henniversary


A sunny day today celebrating 1.5 years for Pip, Ruby and Willow’s 18 month henniversary! This group, known as ‘The Barn Girls’ (as they came from a commercial barn rather than a caged environment) continue to thrive and have now passed the milestone of having spent more time with us than in their commercial life, […]

Pip’s New Coat


Pip is growing a new coat, but she’s taking rather a long time choosing her attire! Hens moult in the autumn and for the last few weeks Pip has looked a sorry state as her fine covering of feathers have literally fallen out and she’s become a shadow of her former self. One of the […]