Fly High Pumpkin


Today we lost Pumpkin. She was one of the ‘September 7’, from our September 2015 rehoming and had been on palliative care with steroids for a while, but this morning she was very still in the coop, so we moved her to a separate coop and gave her some eggy mash as a treat, but […]

Brambles and Pumpkin


Brambles and Pumpkin are from our September 2015 rehoming, and along with Hazel are the last 3 from that group of 7. Unfortunately though, the tolls of their previous life are now starting to affect them, and both are on palliative care. We took Brambles to the vet at the start of April as she […]



This family of vegetables are very susceptible to frost so don’t usually get planted outside until after the last frost. I start them off early in pots in the greenhouse though to give them a head start. They need lots of space to grow but generally give you a good crop, e.g. one courgette plant […]