The Barn Girls 2 Year Henniversary


Happy 2 Year Henniversary to The Barn Girls today as all 3 of this little flock have been with us exactly 2 years now! This group has done a lot in their time with us and we’re thrilled that all 3 have reached this milestone. Willow has been a very successful BHWT sponsor hen, Ruby […]

Pip, Ruby & Willow’s 18 Month Henniversary


A sunny day today celebrating 1.5 years for Pip, Ruby and Willow’s 18 month henniversary! This group, known as ‘The Barn Girls’ (as they came from a commercial barn rather than a caged environment) continue to thrive and have now passed the milestone of having spent more time with us than in their commercial life, […]

Happy Mother’s Day Ruby


Happy Mother’s Day to Ruby today! Last summer Ruby informed us that she would like to be a mum and after deliberating what to do, we wanted to help Ruby do what nature was telling her, and so arrived Crystal, Pearl and Sapphire. Ruby spent weeks keeping them warm and showing them the delights of […]

Campion, Peony and Ruby go to the Vet


After a recent health check I had a few concerns about Campion and Ruby and a current ‘dirty knickers’ issue with Peony meant a triple appointment at the vet today. I weigh the hens every 2 weeks and the last 3 weights for Campion and Ruby have been increasing steadily and they were both over […]

Pip, Ruby & Willow’s 1 Year Henniversary


Another week another henniversary! Today we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Pip, Ruby & Willow’s rehoming. This group, known as ‘The Barn Girls’ (as they came from a commercial barn rather than a caged environment) have had a great year. Willow’s found fame as a BHWT sponsor hen, Ruby had a broody period and […]

Quintuple Integration Day 1


Today was the day we decided to integrate the recent arrivals and the hens that had been poorly but had now recovered enough to be part of the main flock. Integrating 2 groups is bad enough, but we wanted a single flock and to have all the hens outside together, so this was the start […]

Ruby and the Rubys at 8 Weeks


The Rubys are 8 weeks old today and we thought it was time for them to venture outside! The chicks are not ‘chicks’ anymore, but more pullets, though the definition is loose, and given a pullet is a hen less than 1 year old, and because they’re not ‘chicks’ anymore, we’ll refer to them as […]

Ruby Starts to Lay Again


Ruby was behaving strangely last night, lots of squawking and gurgling, and the same happened this morning. She spent a lot of time in the broody coop, poking around the corners and crouching on the ground – a little while later we found an egg in the middle of the coop! For Ruby’s overall health, […]

Ruby and the Rubys at 28 Days


The Rubies continue to grow and it’s hard to believe that they’re only 4 weeks old, they’re so much bigger than they were when they arrived, yet still tuck in under Ruby each night to sleep. I’m finding I’m filling the feeder more often, which is to be expected, and when doing this taking the […]

Ruby and the Rubys at 21 Days


I say this on every update on the chicks, but they’re growing and they’re now around the size of a blackbird! Their feathers are changing to the thicker, darker Welsummer coat and they’re starting to show behaviours more, such as preening and dustbathing in the litter in their run. We want these hens to be […]

Ruby and the Rubys at 14 Days


We’ve had the chicks for 2 full weeks now, and they’re starting to grow up! They’re getting larger – still roughly the size of a robin – but getting a little bigger each day. I’ve noticed there are longer periods where they’re away from Ruby, as they’ll need her heat less as time goes on, […]

Ruby and the Rubys at 7 Days


We’ve had the Rubys a week now, and they’re getting on well. Mortality rates in chicks are high in the first few days, and we’re pleased to get to 1 week, with everyone appearing well. Ruby continues to provide warmth for the chicks under her body and they spend a lot of their time in […]

Ruby and the Rubies Move Home


Ruby and her chicks have been exploring the barn the last couple of days, mainly to give Ruby a bit of exercise as she’s done a lot of sitting down, and also to allow her to ‘visit he bathroom’ – which is a daily trip to deposit a vile and huge dropping that is gag-inducing […]

The Rubys Day 1


I woke several times during the night, thinking about the chicks suffocating under Ruby, or Ruby suddenly applying logic to the fact that the eggs she was sitting on for a few days weren’t fertile so couldn’t hatch, let alone hatch after a week and therefore those were not her chicks. Unable to sleep any […]

Ruby’s Chicks Arrive


The ‘simple’ idea of buying female chicks for Ruby isn’t quite as simple as we first thought! After speaking to a few people and reading internet forums, placing chicks under a broody hen is a common thing to do, but the chicks need to be a day old, the broody hen cannot see the chicks […]

A New Plan for Ruby


We had a long walk today, and a long think. Seeing the huge cockerels last night and thinking about the potential of 2 of these being hatched from the 4 eggs we bought was a sobering thought. One of the reasons we re-home ex-commercial hens is to give these girls as peaceful and stressless an […]

Broody Ruby


Ruby, one of the ‘Barn Girls’ is broody! The last few days she’s been sitting on the eggs in one of the nest boxes all day and exhibiting the other broody behaviours, such as picking the feathers from her underside so that the maximum heat can be given to the eggs. We’ve never had a […]